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tom davey |
I did not know Ruthanne well, but the few times we met, I felt her warmth, thoughtfulness and humor. I really liked her very much. And I remember how much fun she was at Avra's Bat Mitzvah. She certainly helped make that a memorable party. And knowing how she was loved by good friends of mine only made me care all the more for her. My warm thoughts, prayers and support go to Bob, Nick and Laura.
12 November 2002 - Jamaica Plain, MA

Ellen Thurmond |
The memories last forever! We have been blessed to have known Ruthanne, each one of us in our own special way. To many of us she was first the child running around Otis Street, then Bob's wife( we all knew that was coming!!) then a mother to Nick and Laura and then to no one's surprise she was our Doctor. Anne and Dick gifted their family a strong bond of love that permeates through all the good and difficult times of the past few years. Ruthanne's courage, love of family and gracious spirit are an inspiration to us all. Love and peace to all the family.
12 November 2002 - Westwood, MA

Nancy Ellen Iandoli Roy |
I had the bittersweet opportunity to become acquainted with the Simmons/Stern families as they prepared for Ruth Anne's passing. As the cemetery administrator for the Town of Harwich, words are inadequate to describe the experience of assisting Ruth Anne, Bob, Nick, Laura, and other family members that Friday afternoon as the details of Ruth Anne's final resting place were considered, as well as plans for her monuments. Since the day that I first met with Ruth Anne's parents several months ago, and the subsequent contact with family, I have felt a bond with Ruth Anne and her loved ones, a bond born of a mixture of sadness, joy, respect and admiration. I look to Ruth Anne's courage and unique personality as a role model, someone whose spirit is profoundly beautiful. My deepest condolences to all, and I thank you for the honor and privilege of being a part of the process of Ruth Anne's life and legacy.

"There is no death, only a change of worlds." Chief Seattle, Suqwamish and Duwamish
12 November 2002 - Harwich, Cape Cod

Andy Ravech and Wendy Ziner |
Gracious, inspirational and compassionate....Ruthanne impacted us with her thoughts, her smile and her kind ways.

Also touched by cancer, our journey has been made easier with her guidance and incredible attitude. We carry it with us and are motivated every day to carry on, enjoy every moment and cherish the ones we love.

We admire your family and your love for Ruthanne and know you will always have her in your heart. We will too.
Andy and Wendy
12 November 2002 - Needham, MA

Dick Linn, Susan Benz, Mackenzie and Eliza |
Dear Bob, Nick, Laura, and the Simmons family,

Initially as friends of Bob, and then of Ruthanne's, we fondly remember the relatively carefree days in Boston when we were all finishing up our training and looking forward to the future. In the midst of all the uncertainty that lay ahead, Ruthanne was always inspiring - bright, energetic, cheerful and upbeat, an excellent role model of physician, researcher, teacher, mother and wife. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
12 November 2002 - South Wales, NY

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