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Eileen (Cronin) Clare |
I was a neighbor of Ruthanne's while growing up in West Newton. Although I have not seen Ruthanne in many years, I cannot recall my childhood without thinking of all the fun I had with Ruthanne and her family. Peace be with you.
8 November 2002 - 184 High St., Norwell, MA 02061 (Family still in W Newton)

Bob, Nick, and Laura
To all of our wonderful friends and family-

Thank you all for the constant support and love you have given to Ruthanne and to the three of us over the past many weeks and months. Ruthanne's life was filled with light and joy because of all of you. As the three of us begin our new journey together, we are so comforted knowing that we are surrounded by such tremendous support.

Thank you.

Bob, Nick, and Laura
8 November 2002

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