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susan de Vries |
I met Ruthanne on the chemo. floor of the Dana Farber. Her courage and optimism have been inspirational!
8 November 2002 - 29 Thompson Rd. Marblehead, MA

Corinne Higinbotham |
The last time I saw and spoke to Dr. Simmons was when she came to OCB a few months back. She was planning a family vacation to Mexico, she told me. I asked her how she was and she replied "I'm a little nervous about having my entire family on one plane". I was stunned. She wasn't thinking of herself or her illness when I asked her how she was doing. I saw a truley strong and brave woman standing in front of me, facing every woman's worst fear but worrying about everybody else. That speaks volumes. She is an inspiration to many.
8 November 2002 - Revere Ma

Alan & Jodi Freedman |
20 years ago I insured a young couple
from Brookline that I only knew by name
and of course the car they drove! That
same couple moved down south, then eventually moved back and became our
neighbors. We have been very fortunate
to have known Ruthanne on a personal &
professional level. She will be sorely
missed. Please know we share in your memory of someone very dear. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
8 November 2002 - 61 Lynn Road, Needham

Marlene Oscar Berman, Ph.D. |
I knew Ruthanne only as reflected in Bob's eyes when he spoke of her: So much love! My thoughts are with you, Bob, Nick, and Laura.
8 November 2002 - Newton, MA

Sayoko |
Dearest Bob, Nick, Laura, and Dr. & Mrs. Simmons:
When I was a resident at Duke, I was struck by Ruthanne's "sunbeaming" smile, amazing work ethic, and tenacity. Her beautiful life as a mother, wife, and physician will continue to inspire me about the important values in life. My warm blessings to you all to keep your strength full of cherished memories,
8 November 2002 - Ann Arbor, MI

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