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Marguerite Gregoire
To Anne & Dr. Richard Simmons, Bob, Nick and Laura

Keeping in touch on Ruthanne's birthday.
As time goes by, her memory does not fade in my heart. When I think of Ruthanne, I know I'm in the presence of grace.

Love to all,

30 January 2007 - Ottawa

Lorraine Martin |
The only way to fill the deep loss of Ruthanne is through the wonderful love and beautiful memories she left with us. There are days when I invoke her name to help me and I feel her presence.
She would be (and I'm sure she is) so very proud of Nick and Laura. They are turning into the finest young adults any parent could ask for. They are shining lights in the world.
I miss you, Ruthanne.
11 November 2006 - Freeport ME

Marguerite Gregoire
To Ruthanne's family

Remembering Ruthanne on the 4th annniversary of her death.

To me, Ruthanne's memory will never fade. I will never forget her contagious smile. Just thinking about it, makes me smile.

Ruthanne's impact on my life is still as strong today as it was then. Never have I been so touched by someone's presence. She was a gift to us all. What can I say? She was one-of-a-kind.

My thoughts are with you all today.



8 November 2006
8 November 2006 - Ottawa, Canada

Anne Cronin
To the Simmons and Sterns Families:

Know that Ruthanne shines on, that her heart and caring are with you, today, and all days.
14 May 2006 - Martha's Vineyard

I love you mom.
6 April 2006

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