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Peter Puzzanghero |
My heartfelt sympathies go out to Bob and his children... I am so sorry for their loss. I do not recall ever meeting Ruthanne. But, I saw Bob and said hello to him at a performance of the Fabrizi-Kern Project at Needham in August. I received the news of Ruthanne's death via email from Aldo and Jenny Fabrizi, forwarded to me by Paul and Marcelle Lipke.
17 November 2002 - Newton, MA

Donna Neville |
First acquainted with Ruthanne as a new-born, which translated ( so quickly it seems ) to my highly-skilled eye surgeon, I thought of how I might best describe her. There were so many fine qualities just waiting to be chosen, but I finally settled on " a person of light." She had that wonderful glow, bestowed on us generously in her smile and quick laugh.

With so many others, I shall cherish the memory of this most special woman.
17 November 2002 - Dover, Massachusetts

Ken and Anne Richardson |
Years ago, Ruthanne and Rick spent some time with us in Alaska. It was enormously beneficial and pleasurable for our entire family. These last few days as Iíve walked in the mountains Iíve thought about Ruthanne. There are so many good memories. How positively she reacted to adversity was especially notable in one experience on the Colville River in northern Alaska. A group of us had been rafting for eight days when headwinds off the Arctic Ocean stopped our progress. We were stranded. It was clear that we would not reach our pickup point and there was no way to communicate. And it started to rain Ė hard. Itís a long story. Eventually we were airlifted out by helicopter. Throughout, Ruthanneís cheerful confidence buoyed us all.
17 November 2002 - Anchorage, Alaska

Chris Schafale |
I met Ruthanne only a few times, but I worked for Bob for two years at UNC. One of my most vivid early memories of Bob is of watching him answer the phone, and seeing his face light up as he heard Ruthanne's voice on the other end. The joy and the tenderness in his voice as he greeted her -- on an ordinary day, a routine phone call -- spoke volumes to me about the love in their relationship. I knew Ruthanne must be an extraordinary woman, and what I learned about her later has only confirmed that impression.

My heart goes out to you, Bob, Nick, and Laura, as you begin to live without her light in your life.

Love, Chris
16 November 2002 - North Carolina

Bill Binder |
I first met Ruthanne back in 1973, when we both attended summer school at Andover. We took an astronomy course together and we spent many lazy hours peering at the summer night sky. She became my friend, at some point taught me a few songs on the guitar (I still remember "Blackbird"), and she did much better than I did in that class! I remember thinking that she was an incredibly independent and soulful spirit and her beautiful, beaming smile is forever embedded in my memory. Her passing is numbing. My heart goes out to Bob, their children and to her family. Bill Binder
15 November 2002 - Providence, RI

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