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Jeremy Kenner |
Often, people assume that to be an artist one must slather paint on a canvas, draw spirit from inanimate material, run a bow across strings, convert breath to an arpeggio or the equivalent. It is also possible to live artistically. Ruthanne is such an example. Her life is a masterpiece; a symphonic life in which, during the 25 years that I have known her, she has hardly gotten a single note wrong. I have been, and remain, in awe. Ruthanne's presence nourished us all, but it is to those who sustained her: uncountable friends, terrific parents and siblings, extraordinary children and the world's best husband to whom I dedicate these thoughts. You and Ruthanne were symbiotic -- she would not have been her but for you and vice versa. As you carry her memory forward, may you draw more people in to the circle, that, as the Lipke's said so poetically, was made possible by the opening of Ruthanne's heart.

With love,
10 November 2002 - Melbourne, Australia

Susan Legendre and Michael Ropacki |
The tremendous strength of Ruthanne's character was evident even to those who interacted with her but a few times. We are certain that her inspirational ways will continue to be reflected in her husband and children, and in all whose lives she touched. We send our heartfelt prayers.
10 November 2002 - Temecula, CA

Ramsey Lee |
I lit a little candle in honor of Ruthanne at church this morning--a thousand candles would have been a fitter tribute. She has been my smiling buddy, my coach, my inspiration in our journey fighting breast cancer together. She has helped me with my choices, she has helped me be brave. I will miss Ruthanne so much. How lucky my husband, David, and I are to have the loving Simmons-Stern family who continue to share their warmth and wisdom and care with us.
10 November 2002 - Otis Street, Newton, MA

The Fainberg Family |
We cannot know how much we learn
From those who never will return,
Until a flash of unforeseen
Remembrance falls on what has been. (Edwin Arlington Robinson)
Bob, We will remember Ruthanne for years and years to come as we watch Laura and Nick continue to grow and blossom. Their inner beauty is already firmly rooted as anyone who has met them knows. Ruthanne and you have created a wonderful legacy in them... And through them, your beautiful wife's light will continue to shine. We already miss her smile around the neighborhood.
10 November 2002 - Lynn Road, Needham

Jean, Lew, and Abbie Stern
Ruthanne has been a core of our life since she met Bob. We have shared family events, met as couples and with kids, exercised, laughed, cried, shared our lives closely. Anyone who has known RA knows how special a person she was. Her smile lighted everyone and everything around her. He warmth made you feel special, appreciated, and cared for. Her medical knowledge and skill was the finest, made a gift by the care with which she helped you as a person. Everything she gave all of us not only made us feel good but changed us as people. It is that change that will live on through all of us. She lives on through us every time we smile a little bit more, focus on the other person an extra second, remind ourselves to live every day, hold back our complaints and push on despite the challenges ahead of us. She lives on through all of us each time we remember to care for our families first, treasure the ones we love, make a contribution to the world around us, and capture the moment. We are thankful for the years she gave us and the years ahead us made richer from having her in our lives.
10 November 2002 - Wellesley

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