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Ray Hubbe |
Dear Bob, Nick, Laura and the Simmons family,

My thoughts are with you. Ruthanne will always be an inspiration to me as a friend and colleague. She was one of my senior residents and we did our fellowships the same year at Duke. Although she was heavily involved with the science and advancement of medicine, she always focused primarily on the people involved. Her positive attitude and sunny smile touched all those around her. Even in the thick of a busy residency day, she always could find time to help a junior resident with a problem or a question. Along with her good advice would come words of encouragement.
18 November 2002 - Amherst, MA

Walt Riester |
I have known Ruthanne since I was a small boy and our families would spend time together on vacations. Ruthanne was always a good friend of my sister Debbie, but I also knew her well. I can picture Ruthanne skiing happily down the very steep Nose Dive trail at Stowe Vermont many years ago through several inches of new snow. She fell several times but would get up quickly and smile and continue down the slope - always happy and enthusiatic and fearless. I often remember Ruthanne learning to waterski on Lake Winnepesuakee in New Hampshire. She would grab the waterski rope and hold on in her own style about to fall at any moment but never letting go. Ruthanne had an exuberance and excitement for life that I know she carried with her throughout her whole life.
18 November 2002 - Lynnfield, MA

Jeff & Polly Heier |
We have been blessed to know Ruthanne as both a physician and a friend. As each, Ruthanne has taught us much about what we can, and should be.
Not a day goes by when one of Ruthanne's former patients does not speak to me about her with appreciation and love for the compassionate, skilled, and devoted care which they had received by her talented hands. Unfortunately, these thoughts are also accompanied by a sense of sadness and misgiving, for they are uneasy about their own future no longer under Ruthanne's watchful eyes.
As a loving mother and spouse, I remember Ruthanne frequently coming to my office simply to share the wonderful blessings of her life--it didn't matter whether it was Nick or Laura excelling at school, Bob earning another prestigious grant, or details of another family trip--it was her ability to share and enjoy these memories that filled her heart.
And finally as a friend, Ruthanne and Bob welcomed us immediately upon our return to Boston, and always encouraged us to cherish each and every moment (this when she was well).
Each and every one of Ruthanne's patients, her colleagues, her friends, Polly & I, and most of all her family are infinitely richer for having shared in her life.
Our prayers and love are always with you Bob, Nick, and Laura
18 November 2002 - N. Reading

Ann M. Bajart, MD |
I first met Ruthanne almost 30 years ago when I was a resident at MEEI and her Dad was my Saturday Service Chief. Yes, the Saturday Service. The Simmons have all been hard workers. What I remember most is Ruthanne's radiant smile. The smile represented love. Ruthanne was deeply loved by her family, friends, and, later, patients. She distilled that love and returned it to all of us in that smile. We are blessed by it and will always have that warm good feeling that love generates whenever we think of the smiling Ruthanne.
18 November 2002 - Brookline, MA

Evie Kintzer and Hesh Shorey, Elana and Sabina |
We will remember Ruthanne for her beautiful smile, interesting conversation, and love and dedication first to her family and second to her profession. We did not know each other well, but we shared a bond, as working mothers who life was always a balance. She was also my doctor. Ruthanne approached everything with an optimistic view and the positive outlook was always uplifting. We will remember her fondly.
18 November 2002 - Framingham, MA

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