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Marguerite Gauthier Gregoire
To all of Ruthanne's family,
I can't begin to imagine how Thanksgiving Day will represent such a sad one for all of you. So perhaps knowing that so many of us, including my husband and I, share your pain will help you through this time of great emptyness. It is the rituals that remind us how blessed we are and I know Ruthanne will fill your hearts with loving memories and will smile down and watch over you.

With love and prayers,


1555 Meadowfield Place
Ottawa, Ontario
K1C 5Wl
(613) 824-5360 28 November 2002-Ottawa
28 November 2002

Lauren and Michael Corkin |
Dear Bob, Nick and Laura,
We are deeply sorry for your loss.
Please know that as neighbors we are around the block if you ever need a friend or favor. Ruthanne was a beautiful and courageous woman. You will always be proud of her.
26 November 2002 - Needham

Geoffrey Neville Jr. |
Ruthanne was one of my earliest childhood friends as our Dad's attended college together and we lived just a few town's apart. I have wonderful memories of Thanksgiving dinners at the Simmons and always looked forward to those fun gatherings. Ruthanne was always a great host and organizer of games - even as a child! She was also fun and creative when we visited her family in Harwich. Some fond memories include enjoying the beach , riding bikes and waking up to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.

Twenty five years later , I caught up with Ruthanne and Bob when she was at Duke. Always the generous hosts , Ruthanne and Bob invited me over for a delicious spagetti dinner at their home. I remember being impressed with Ruthanne's ability to be both a successful eye doctor and a loving/involved parent , she had the best laugh of anyone I knew.

My thoughts and prayers are with Bob , Nick , Laura and Ruthanne's entire family. I can't think of anyone my age who has touched as many lives in a meaningful way as Ruthanne has. I will always remember her as a good friend and a very special person.
25 November 2002 - Atlanta

Fred and Judy Adams |
It has always been said that the best are taken from us too early and it has never been truer than in the case of Ruthanne. We will always miss her smile, whether greeting us on Thanksgiving Day in Needham or on the beach at John Josephs Pond. We miss her dearly as a friend, a caring family member, and a Cape Cod neighbor. Our hearts go out to Anne and Dick, to Bob, Nick, and Laura and we want you to know that we are always there for you at any place or time.

We have just returned from the Bluff House in Harwich where the yellow roses left after the burial service are still alive and beautiful as will be our memories of Ruthanne forever.

Love, Aunt Judy and Fred
24 November 2002 - Boston, MA

Tom Margolis |
I first met Ruthanne and Bob when I was a Harvard medical student interviewing for ophthalmology residencies. I was heading down to Duke and my sister (who was in the same class as Ruthanne at Wesleyan) told me to look up Ruthanne to get the "real scoop". Ruthanne insisted that I stay with her and Bob while in North Carolina and to this day I have not forgotten the wonderful kindness and hospitality they showed me and the pervasive optimism that was Ruthanne's very being. I stand as testimony to the tremendous good that Ruthanne did for an emormous circle of people in her too short life.
24 November 2002 - Linwood, NJ

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