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Kimberly Van Zee |
Dear Laura, Nick, and Bob,

I want you to know how much I've been thinking about Ruthanne and you this past week. It's hard for me to believe that she's been gone for 2 years. I hope and wish that your lives are full of joy as you encounter new experiences and embark upon new voyages in life. That's what Ruthanne wanted and prepared you for.


14 November 2004 - New York City

Sara Pacqué-Margolis |
Dear Bob, Nick, and Laura,

I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you all and Ruthanne on the 8th, as I do so often throughout the year. While we have not had a chance to see one another and get caught up, I often find myself thinking about Ruthanne and our wonderful times at Wesleyan. Reading this, her memory album, I am overwhelmed by the impact she had and continues to have on so many people around the world. I hope that time is easing the pain, even as it heightens your awareness of the extent to which she is still with you every day and all the time.
With warmest wishes,
Sara ("S.J.")
11 November 2004 - McLean, VA

Marguerite Gauthier Grégoire
To Dr. Richard and Mrs. Anne Simmons, Bob, Nick, and Laura

Remembering Ruthanne

If there's one thing I've learned within the last two years, it's that Ruthanne's memory continues to live on in my heart in a very real way. Love never fades.

Her life was a gift and so is her memory. I feel blessed to have had the chance to know her and equally blessed in knowing that her beautiful spirit will never be forgotten. I will always miss her.

Much love,

8 November 2004 - Ottawa, Canada

Eileen Clare
I hope the passage of time has eased the pain of your loss.
8 November 2004 - Norwell, MA

Anne Cronin
Thinking of you on Mother's Day.
9 May 2004 - Newton, Mass.

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