Ruthanne Bush Simmons, M.D.

A Poem



Rest, Ruthanne, thy race is run
You at last the crown have won.
Rest in quiet, peaceful sleeping
Done with sorrow, trouble, weeping.

Rest, Ruthanne, thy race is run
You can say, "My work is done."
What you started, you achieved;
All your friends in you believed.

Rest, Ruthanne, thy race is run
Comes at last the setting sun
And in Glory does it set.
None of us will you forget.

With courage and strength through it all
Your smile throughout did never fall;
In fact it was still there to see
When life's last breath did finally flee.

Your children you should surely know
Will never fail to fully grow
With the values you've instilled.
Your love and care their life did fill.

My big sister you'll always be
An inspiration for me to see.
I hope that I can learn from you
And live a life both full and true.



Composed and read by
Rick Simmons 11/18/02